Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glenmore Park, Sydney, Australia

23 September 2010

I've been here five weeks. I didn't think I'd survive four, but at the end of five weeks with ten days to go before I leave for home, I find that I am settling in very well to the life here. Well, to the life here in Monica and Edge's house. I haven't really been out there navigating through Aussie society. I've just been home helping with housework and caring for Maya. I've cooked, cleaned house, done laundry, even sewed bed lnens for Maya's crib and made her two body pillows. And I've enjoyed myself immensely.

I keep telling myself that I am ejoying myself because I know it isn't forever -- that I will go home one day to resume life as I've always known it -- which is an endless stream of writing assignments. Pure drudgery, but it brings in the bacon.

I realized being here and truly enjyoing chopping onions, hanging up laundry, picking up sfter the boys, and sewing and darning, that I can do these very well and I am happy doing them. the reason I never did them was because I was always busy making a living and doing anything that was not work as I've known it has always made me feel guilty about 'wastng' precious time. Even reading books and watching movies on dvd have been anathema since these are non-producive pursuits.

Which has made me realize how much I've missed in life -- the small joys of home making, the ability to relax and have 'me' time. Now I can't wait to retire and live my twilight years pleasing myself and my grandchildren.